FAQs - BEFORE You Contact Us

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Q: What type of glue should I use to assemble my Missy Miniac DIY Kit?
A: PVA Woodworking glue


Q: Where are Missy Miniac DIY Kits made?
A: Proudly made in Australia from Sustainable Australian timber.


Q: Where can I find instructions for my DIY Kit?
A: Instructional videos for more complicated kits can be found on our Youtube channel. Simple kits are easy to assemble by consulting images of the assembled kit on our website. 


Q: Is it possible to get a custom order?
A: Unfortunately at this stage, Missy Miniac only takes custom orders for commercial projects.


Q: Can I get my own copies cut of a Missy Miniac DIY Kit?
A: NO. All Missy Miniac designs are protected by the artist's copyright - all rights are reserved and enforced internationally.


Q: Can I get a DIY Kit in another scale?
A: Not at this point in time. Our focus is on designing 1:12 scale kits. 


Q: Are Missy Miniac Kits suitable for children?
A: Definitely not. Small parts pose a choking hazard and are not suitable for children under 12 years of age. Missy Miniac DIY Kits are designed for adult dolls house enthusiasts and collectors.